NOCO Genius1 6 / 12V 1A Smart Battery Charger

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NOCO Genius1 6 / 12V 1A Smart Battery Charger

Discover the new Genius1 battery charger, demonstrating the best power, performance and economy, in an ultra-compact format, to date. 1 amp power charger, designed for car, motorcycle and marine batteries. Compatible with 6 and 12 volt deep-acid lead-acid batteries, open batteries, gels, AGM and maintenance-free, such as Lithium-ion batteries.

Benefit from a precise charge - An integrated thermal sensor detects the ambient temperature and modifies the charge to avoid overloading in hot climate and underloading in cold climate
Allows you to charge fully discharged batteries to 1 Volt or use the all-new forced mode, which allows you to take control and manually start charging empty batteries
Simple to set up and use, a fully automatic and worry-free battery charger for year-round use
Restore your battery - detects sulfation, acidic stratification and restores lost performance for more powerful starts and longer battery life.
Compatible with all types of vehicles

GENIUS1 battery charger with interchangeable connector

Alligator clips with integrated eyelets

User and warranty guide

Voltage (Input): 120V to 240V AC

Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz

Operating temperature: -20 ° to 40 ° C

Storage temperature: -30 ° to 60 ° C

Relative humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing


Current: 1 Amps DC

Voltages: 6V, 12V

Chemistry: Lead-Acid and Lithium

Types: Liquid, Gel, MF, CA, EFB, AGM, Lithium

Capacity: up to 30 Amp-hours

All battery sizes

Consumption: 15 Watts (Max)

Efficiency: 85% (120VAC) / 83% (230VAC)

Humidity protection: IP65

Safety devices included against short-circuit, open circuit, overheating, overload, non-sparking and reverse polarity

Size: 89 x 58 x 33 mm

Weight: 350gr

Cable 272cm

Diameter 18AWG

Cord Management

2AMP fuse Micro fuse

Cable resistant to oil, petrol, grease, water, chemicals and abrasion